Membership Has Its Privileges…

It is Free to Register As a Bidder and Bid on Auction Items. The Newsletter Announcing New Items is Also Free.


However, as a PAID MEMBER of Hollywood Charity Auction, you will have access to these bonuses:

  • Early Access to Restricted Auctions Before the Public
  • Access to Hidden/Restricted Auctions which will never open to the public*
  • Ability to Request Specific Items
  • Free Shipping within the Continental USA and 50% off everywhere else
  • Access to freebies

*A hidden/restricted auction is exactly that; an auction item that is only visible to members. (Non-members will see a preview of the items, but will not be able to access the auction page).  At times studios or television shows would prefer the item not be visible to the public online. In these circumstances, only paid members have the ability to see the item and bid on it. Registered bidders who are paid members must log into their account. Once logged in, they can select the category HIDDEN AUCTIONS and search to see if there are any posted. Bidders or visitors who have not signed up for membership will see a blank page with no items, or the words “membership required to view.”




Every new auction item will be offered to paid members first for THREE (3) DAYS. The auction item will be “restricted/hidden” to everyone else. On day four, the item will open up to all registered bidders and the public, (if not sold).


From time-to-time we receive amazing items that the film studio/network or production company do not want the general public to have access to online. (Items such as VIP tickets to an exclusive event, visiting the set of a film, etc.).

In those circumstances, we post the auctions as “restricted/hidden” to everyone BUT paid members.


Want a Specific item? Maybe tickets to the NHL Awards, or visit the set of your favorite movie star’s next picture? Members need only just ask. Once you request your item, we will let you know if it is a possibility. We will then go about trying to secure the special request. If we are successful, we will give you the very first opportunity to bid on and take the item. If you have changed your mind, or can’t afford, we will then place the item in the auction and advertise to other members and the public. (Check each membership level for submission limits).


Sometimes we also receive items that we give away for free to a select group of members. (The last free item was tickets to a Comic Con event).


Free unlimited shipping on all winning bids if shipped within the Continental USA. All others, 50% off shipping. ($11 discount on mega packages). Note: If you purchase one of our items from Ebay, free shipping does not apply. You must purchase from this site in order to receive free/discounted shipping.

ELITE MEMBERSHIP: Only 10 slots available a year. After all 10 are taken, you will be put on a waiting list. You’ll receive all the benefits above, along with being the first to be notified of new items prior to the general paid membership and unpaid members. So in other words, you can take the items before they are advertised.

Membership begins at $7.99 a month, ending with an exclusive membership for the elite. When you register, you are given the opportunity to sign up for membership. If you have already registered, then simply log into your dashboard and scroll to the bottom of the page to see the different memberships available.

(Only members will see any items listed).

NOTE: All memberships are donations to our charity and are non-refundable.